The GREENSBURG Fire Department program

The Greensburg Fire Department is committed to keeping our community safe. We are dedicated to prevent our citizens from fire and injury and strive to give them the tools to making their homes and businesses a safe haven. We offer several education and training programs to fulfill this mission and we would like you to take advantage of them. Although some of these programs are geared towards children we also encourage adults to participate. Parents are the first educators and are able to persuade safe practices in the home with their children; therefore adults are welcome to join with the youth in learning. Fire safe kids grow to be fire conscious adults and everyone can benefit from the knowledge of safety.

Currently we offer fire station tours, fire safety house visits, severe weather education, juvenile firestop program, fire extinguisher training and CPR certification. We also provide free smoke detectors, installed in your residence, to those individuals who can’t afford one. Please access this form to contact us so we can best serve you.

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If you do not wish to complete online please contact Public Education Coordinator: Brian Wenning at 812-663-8671.



Read these facts about fire to stay informed about fire safety.

When learning facts about fire, it's important to understand the fire triangle. The triangle represents the three components that fires need to exist: heat, oxygen and fuel. If one of these components is missing, a fire can’t ignite. Heat can be generated by a cigarette, an electrical current or a home heater.

Fuel can be anything combustible, such as wood, paper, clothing, furniture, gases or chemicals. Once a fire starts, if any of the three components is removed, the fire is extinguished. Water is used to cool a fire and take away the heat source. Oxygen can be removed by smothering a fire with dirt, sand or a blanket.

Fuel can be removed by moving combustible materials away from the fire or by simply waiting until the fire consumes the material and goes out of its own accord.